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Wastewater treatment plant saves energy using linear electric actuators from LINAK

Photo by LINAK A/S

Stable and precise air flow control in aeration tanks has helped a local wastewater treatment facility in Denmark reduce its aeration energy consumption. A series of LINAK® actuators now open and close the v-port knife gate valves, and that has proven very effective.

More than 20,000 m³ of wastewater passes through the plant every day. The treatment facility ‘Renseanlæg Vest’ treats wastewater from the city of Esbjerg, the fifth largest in Denmark. To meet the legal requirements, management is continuously looking into ways of optimising processes and keeping costs to a minimum.

DIN Forsyning is the utility company operating the plant, and one of the more recent things the staff has done is to install a series of LINAK® electric actuators to open and close the inlet valves to the aeration tanks.

The main task around the aeration process is to keep ammonia levels low. This is a very energy-consuming process, and having absolute control of the oxygen regulation is essential. Almost a third of the plant’s entire energy consumption relates to the aeration tanks alone.

Shifting to state-of-the-art actuators
Asking around for a replacement for their old traditional actuators, management at DIN Forsyning had the idea of using linear electric actuators for valve automation from a fellow wastewater treatment facility south of Esbjerg. And it proved beneficial right from the start.

Not only are LINAK actuators cheaper to procure. They are also far easier to mount and operate remotely. And then they are durability-tested to a degree where maintenance is obsolete.

This has obviously encouraged the management team to introduce LINAK actuators elsewhere at the facility, and also to look at the local municipality’s other wastewater treatment facilities.

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