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What is the role of Print & Apply labeling systems in Industry 4.0?


Identification and traceability are crucial elements in automating production to optimize logistics processes. Weber Marking Systems’ Print & Apply labeling systems represent secure connectivity on packaging lines and packaging systems.

What is the role of Print & Apply labeling systems in Industry 4.0?

Labeling plays a central role in packaging lines. It can correctly identify products, packages, and pallets. Also, it is capable of ensuring real-time communication, secure variable data management, and logistics processes agility. Innovation in industrial labeling is now the specialty of Weber Marking Systems, which, in addition to being a pioneer in the development of Electrical Printing and Applied systems, has a whole range of Print & Apply ready to face the challenges of Industry 4.0

Connectivity implies more control

Weber Print & Apply systems are equipped with a Logic Controller and all the interfaces required for automation, allowing connection to other systems via Fieldbus or OPC/UA. Specifically, they have Ethernet and USB ports. Consequently, it will enable to connect labelers on the network or directly to a PC. It allows to upload firmware, diagnose errors, use remote control, back up and set every parameter of the labeler. Likewise, interconnection to factory computer systems provides access to configuration and operation data and remote programming.

Labeling: an intuitive experience

The third generation of Weber’s best-selling Print & Apply, LA4050E, offers a simple and intuitive human-machine interface: it consists of a 7” multilingual Resistive LCD touchscreen that allows not only the general system setting but also access to a reserved area via login for the adjustment and maintenance of the different labeling parameters.

The guarantee of safety

As a pioneer in the development of electric Print & Apply, Weber, innovates its systems using applicators with reduced forces at play that meet the safety standards imposed by the reference standard EN415. It uses modular, compact construction systems, with color-coded circuits and pneumatics separated from electronics. They are much safer, make operation and technical interventions much easier, and do not need protection barriers.

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