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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology can be used for user authentication and access control for a wide variety of systems, devices and equipment. Here are some important questions to ask when choosing an RFID reader for your application.

Q1: How many RFID card technologies can the reader support?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers support 60+ card technologies simultaneously, including both high-frequency and low-frequency cards.

Why it matters: A universal card reader gives OEMs and developers a virtual single part number solution to simplify sales and inventory management.

Q2: Is the reader compatible with the HID Prox and iClass technologies used in the US and the Mifare and LEGIC technologies used in Europe?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers are official licensees of HID, LEGIC, NXP and Calypso technologies. We leverage these technologies and the enabling RFID employee badge into user authentication applications throughout the organizational ecosystem and throughout the world.

Why it matters: It’s not practical to change the readers that currently let you in the door, so you must select readers that are both compatible with them yet optimal for your business needs.

Q3: Does the reader support smartphone technologies like Bluetooth Low Engery (BLE) and Neat Field Communication (NFC)?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers provide the option to support mobile access based on BLE and NFC technology.

Why it matters: Mobile technologies are a convenient adjunct to RFID for user authentication and access control. Readers that support these technologies provide a bridge to the future, increasing operational life and avoiding the costs of replacement.

Q4: How many countries can the reader be sold into?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers are certified for sale in as many as 110 countries worldwide.

Why it matters: Global certifications mean your devices can be sold into multiple regions and to multinational companies.

Q5: Does the reader support contactless configuration?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers can be programmed and configured via contactless configuration cards without the need to disconnect or power cycle the reader or to present multiple configuration cards. A single ELATEC card when presented to a fully installed reader will update its configuration in less than 3 seconds.

Why it matters: Contactless configuration typically eliminates the need to remove the reader from a device for upgrades and reconfiguration, saving substantial technician time and cost.This also enables post-sale custom application configuration of installed readers on their way out of the warehouse.

Q6: Does the reader support remote configuration?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers can be updated and configured remotely through the host device’s internet connection.

Why it matters: Remote configuration saves technician time and expense by allowing all units to be updated simultaneously without time and expense of tracking down individual distributed devices.

Q7: How customizable is the reader?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers have a robust open API that supports development of custom applications to enable unique functionality and interface with a broad range of devices.

Why it matters: A reader that allows custom programming can support a broader range of applications, solve unique access control challenges, and be easily updated as technologies and customer requirements evolve.

Q8: Does the reader support advanced security technologies?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC readers can be programmed to support advanced security technologies.

Why it matters: Security requirements are continually evolving as new risks are identified. A reader that supports robust security can be used for a broader range of applications and customer types.

Q9: What level of support is provided?

The ELATEC advantage: ELATEC is renowned for our high-level of customer service and technical support to even the smallest of customers, whether OEM, integrator or end-user.

Why it matters: On-demand customer service and technical support is required for seamless selection, application and life-cycle operation.

For more information, please visit: https://www.elatec-rfid.com