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Rittal extends its RiLine Compact range with new components offering shock-hazard protection and easier installations

Photo by RITTAL GmbH

Rittal is adding new components to its successfully launched RiLine Compact busbar system for small control systems and switchgear. The components are for example a larger infeed up to 125 A, a single-pole component adaptors for 18-mm wide circuit-breakers and new slim motor controllers. The system, which permits the easy installation of distributions for currents of up to 125 A, can now be used universally.

Following the successful launch of its new “RiLine Compact” busbar system at the start of the year 2017, Rittal is now further expanding its RiLine Compact range to include a variety of new components. These components, when used in control and switchgear with a maximum current of up to 125 A and with completely shock-hazard protected boards make installation easier and shorten the time needed for installation. The components are simply plugged onto the board and so acquire both their mechanical and electrical connections in a single assembly operation.

Connecting boards with an adaptor extension

The new infeed adaptor for currents up to 125 A features parallel mechanical and electrical contacts. This way, two RiLine Compact Boards can be easily and securely connected to form a larger system. The adaptor has a build width of 45 mm and is suitable for connecting cables with cross-sections of up to 50 mm².

Further innovations are the single-pole, 18-mm wide component adaptors. The narrow adapters for accommodating power circuit-breakers are available in two versions for 16 A and 63 A. There are three different versions of each, for connection to L1, L2 or L3. An adapter (also 18-mm wide) without any electrical connection to the busbar system can be used as equipment support for a variety of components.

Half as much space is needed

The range of motor controllers is also being expanded. These are now available ex-stock for the 0.6, 2.4 and 9 A current ranges. They combine the direct starter and reversing starter functions in one device and are only 22.5 mm wide. That means freeing up around 50 per cent more space compared to the standard 45 mm for sealing switching device in this current range and as much as 75 per cent more space compared to the 90 mm-wide reversing combinations. The three-phase motor controllers are high-performance hybrid switching devices that include a current monitoring function. With its hybrid technology, the device offers a longer lifespan and low-loss operation. The principle behind it is simple: First, the electronics are switched on via the input signal, and then the mechanical contacts take over for the main duration. The motor controller offers even more advantages with its diagnostic function, which it uses to detect internal and external errors.

Compact distributions are now easy to set up

With the RiLine Compact busbar system, distributions with a rated current of up to 125 A can be achieved in a very space-saving manner. Because the components are simply plugged onto the board, the work involved in installation is very small. The time and effort spent on wiring is greatly minimised thanks to the motor controllers with their internal circuitry and wiring. RiLine Compact is suitable for applications where many protective devices have to be accommodated in confined spaces within the enclosure. The small busbar system for up to 125 A can be used, for example, for controlling the flaps in ventilation systems, cooling systems and much more.

For more information, please visit http://www.rittal.com.