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Allied Vision presented the new Allied Vision 1 Product Line and latest camera solutions at the SPIE Photonics West 2018

Prosilica GT
Photo by Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

Allied Vision exhibited at SPIE Photonics West 2018 in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center. Attendees could visit and discuss their applications with Allied Vision staff in either hall. In the South Hall, Allied Vision could be found at booth #142. In the North Hall, Allied Vision could be found in booth #5528.

The Allied Vision 1 Product Line: A New Camera for Embedded Vision

The Allied Vision 1 product line is a new camera platform which combines the performance of a machine vision camera and the size, power consumption and price of an embedded camera. The 1 product line is a full range of digital cameras designed for embedded vision applications while fulfilling the high standards of industrial and scientific image processing.

At the core of the 1 product line is the unique ALVIUM® technology. ALVIUM® is a proprietary chip design optimized for advanced digital imaging combined with a comprehensive image processing library (IPL) reflecting more than 25 years of expertise in industrial image processing.

The first camera families powered by ALVIUM® technology based on this platform are the 130 and 140 series. Both camera series will be available with MIPI CSI-2 and USB3 Vision interface and a wide range of sensors.

Eagle-eyed: Prosilica GT with ON Semi PYTHON Sensors

Allied Vision has released three new models of its high-performance Prosilica GT large format camera utilizing the latest ON Semi PYTHON CMOS sensors with In-pixel Correlated Double Sampling (IP-CDS) global shutter technology.

  • Prosilica GT4090: equipped with the ON Semi PYTHON 12K CMOS sensor, the Prosilica GT4090 delivers a resolution of 12.5 Megapixels (4096 x 3072) at 9.58 frames per second.
  • Prosilica GT4096: outfitted with the ON Semi PYTHON 16K CMOS sensor, the Prosilica GT4096 provides 16.7 Megapixels (4096 x 4096) at 7.18 frames per second.
  • Prosilica GT5120: the Prosilica GT5120 incorporates the ON Semi PYTHON 25K CMOS sensor, which produces a resolution of 26.2 Megapixels (5120 x 5120) at 4.59 frames per second.
  • These three new models are also available in NIR versions, which provides increased sensitivity in the near infrared spectral range. Features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), enhanced defect pixel correction, extended operating temperature range and Trigger over Ethernet (ToE) make the Prosilica GT a great solution for high resolution applications.

Goldeye SWIR: GigE and Camera Link short-wave infrared imaging

Goldeye SWIR cameras use InGaAs sensor technology which is sensitive in the short-wave infrared spectrum of 900 to 1,700 nm. Its compact, ruggedized housing of 55mm x 55mm x 78 mm and numerous features, such as integrated thermo-electric sensor cooling, on-board image correction and comprehensive I/O control opinions, make the Goldeye a perfect fit for advanced imaging applications (hyperspectral imaging, thermal imaging, or laser beam profiling). Three models are available with either GigE or Camera Link interface: Goldeye G/CL-008 SWIR (320 x 256 resolution, 344 frames per second), Goldeye G/CL-032 SWIR (0.3 Megapixel resolution, 100 frames per second), and Goldeye G/CL-033 SWIR (0.3 Megapixel resolution, 301 frames per second).

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