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Allied Vision presented its latest Manta CMOS camera models at the Vision China Shenzhen

Photo by Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

Allied Vision exhibited at Vision China Shenzhen in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on June 2017. The newest Allied Vision 1 product line and Manta CMOS camera models with Sony Pregius IMX sensors took center stage at Booth #170 in Hall 4. For its second year of participation, Allied Vision highlighted the wide camera offerings and advanced technology of the company on a 36-square meter booth.

The new Allied Vision 1 product line

Visitors discovered the all new Allied Vision 1 product line that combines the performance of a machine vision camera and the size, power consumption and price of an embedded camera. This new camera platform is a full range of digital cameras designed for embedded vision applications but fulfilling the high standards of industrial and scientific image processing.

The unique ALVIUM® technology is the core of the Allied Vision 1 product line. It consists in a proprietary chip design optimized for advanced digital imaging combined with a comprehensive image processing library (IPL) resulting from more than 25 years of expertise in machine vision.

The first cameras building on the new platform are the Allied Vision 130 and 140 series. Both series are available with MIPI CSI-2 and USB3 Vision interface and a large choice of sensors.

Manta CMOS Cameras: Superior Imaging and Flexibility Combined

Manta is Allied Vision’s versatile digital machine vision GigE camera. Options such as PoE variants, near-infrared sensitive models, and alternative housings including board-level configurations make the Manta great for complex applications. The latest Manta CMOS models are equipped with Sony Pregius IMX sensors:

  • Manta G-319: integrates the IMX265 CMOS sensor, providing a resolution of 3.2 Megapixels at 37.6 fps
  • Manta G-507: uses the IMX264 CMOS sensor, delivering a resolution of 5.1 Megapixels at 23.7 fps
  • Manta G-895: equipped with the IMX267 CMOS sensor, offering a resolution of 8.9 Megapixels at 13.4 fps
  • Manta G-1236: fitted with the IMX304 CMOS sensor, providing a resolution of 12.4 Megapixels at 9.7 fps

Live demo with Allied Vision 1 product line

Allied Vision booth showcased a series of demos featuring Allied Vision 1 product line. The demos consist of a program on Video4Linux2 (V4L2), OpenCV running on Nitrogen_6Max. Set at 15 fps, Allied Vision 130 C used real time algorithm to detect faces from live image.

Barcode and Object Character Recognition (OCR) inspection

Using Manta G-895 CMOS camera for pattern recognition, this demo showcased how vision systems can be implemented in barcode traceability and OCR verification of product code or product serialization. All Manta cameras can be operated within multiple imaging processing systems through Allied Vision’s software development kit (SDK), Vimba.

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