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B + B’s contactless temperature measurement features very fast response time

Photo by B B Thermo-Technik GmbH

In addition to invasive and non-invasive temperature sensors, B + B also offers contactless temperature measurement. With the help of its infrared products, it is possible to record temperatures at distances. This technique is particularly useful for moving measurement objects and applications that require a very fast response or response time.

If users know where the critical or measuring area is in their application, a point-measuring infrared thermometer should be used. The size of the measurement object determines which optics are selected for the measuring device. This enables the user to monitor the temperature precisely and optimize the process if necessary – before there are quality problems.

B + B’s infrared thermometers “Made in Germany” are suitable for these stationary applications. Exact measurement results, measuring spot markings and high-quality accessories characterize its DM series. A wide variety of materials can be measured with the pyrometers. The spectral ranges range from plastic to a wide variety of metals. These include areas of application such as the temperature measurement of the granulate in injection molding technology, the recording of the temperature in the production of flat films and sheet extrusion, as well as in induction hardening, deep drawing, metal casting or die forging. In addition, B + B’s infrared products are also used in the glass industry and processes are optimized in all areas where quality is to be monitored, and research / development drives new product areas. Due to the modular structure and the enormous product range, it is possible to measure almost any material with the pyrometers and to measure the surface temperature. Contact B + B for the optimal design.

In the event that there is not only one critical area or this area cannot be precisely located, the use of infrared cameras makes more sense and is more effective. Often, critical points are located with the camera via the thermal image display and then permanently monitored with the help of one or more stationary infrared thermometers. Depending on the application, users will receive small infrared and thermal imaging cameras with large technology. The thermal imaging cameras provide users with exact temperature values ​​in real time and are used in a wide variety of industries. All thermal imagers can be connected to user’s computer via USB 2.0. This gives them high-resolution images to analyze area measurements and save temperature profiles. The cameras are available in different versions with selectable lenses, specially tailored to different requirements.

Even in medical technology and at the time of the corona virus, B + B infrared products help to measure body temperatures and surfaces. In order to detect larger crowds of people, infrared cameras are required; its handheld measuring devices are particularly suitable for random temperature measurements.

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