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Baumer launches its new neoAPI and the Camera Explorer software packages

Baumer neoAPI and Baumer Camera Explorer allow quick, simple, and efficient camera integration.
Photo by Baumer Group International Sales

Starting immediately, Baumer is offering neoAPI and the Camera Explorer – two new free-of-charge software packages for fast, easy, and efficient camera integration. The software is available for PC- and ARM-based systems under Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux.

Baumer neoAPI offers efficient camera integration in Python, C++, and C#. The new powerful and user-friendly GenICam camera application programming interface (API) allows quick familiarization thanks to its modern design. This allows Baumer cameras to be integrated into various applications with just a few lines of code – even by software developers with limited experience in the area of image processing. Integrated automatisms reduce the necessary code lines to a minimum, e.g., to six lines for image acquisition and storage. Thanks to auto-complete support, not only code segments but also GenICam features of the camera are prompted and completed, while help options are also displayed. This makes evaluation and integration of the cameras more efficient and facilitates subsequent software updates.

The intuitive Baumer Camera Explorer GUI application allows the easy evaluation and configuration of Baumer cameras in no time. Familiarization with, testing, and configuration of the multi-faceted camera features are optimally supported by the clearly structured user interface. Thanks to its flexibly customizable graphic interface, the Baumer Camera Explorer can be used for a wide range of tasks, from camera configuration through process monitoring to recording and documentation tasks. The support of cameras in the field benefits from this as well as laboratory workstations.

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