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Baumer’s new O200 photoelectric miniature sensors optimized for operations in confined spaces

Shiny, transparent or reflective objects, the O200 sensors offer maximum detection reliability for every object
Photo by Baumer Group International Sales

The O200 photoelectric miniature sensors from Baumer with IO-Link interface are the ideal solution for the detection demanding objects in confined spaces. With their unique ambient light immunity and their precise, reproducible and color-independent switching distances, the comprehensive portfolio offers absolute reliability even under difficult conditions.

O200 diffuse sensors with background suppression are the best in their class. They offer an ambient light immunity without loss of speed. Thanks to increased functional reserves, they achieve a unique range of 120 mm on even on darkest and shiny objects such as mobile phone housings. For additional range, the O200 High-Power Mode can be activated via IO-Link. O200 variants with V-optics have a focused light beam with a diameter of only 1.2 mm angled towards the receiver.

In addition to the smallest objects, shiny or transparent objects such as ampoules in laboratory automation can also be easily detected. The O200 SmartReflect sensors, the unique light barriers without a reflector from Baumer, are the ideal solution for extremely compact machine designs, such as those required in very expensive cleanroom environments. They offer the reliability of a photoelectric sensor but without the need for a reflector or separate receiver – and that with a range of up to 180 mm. For longer ranges, the portfolio offers retro-reflective sensors up to four meters and through-beam sensors with a range of up to six meters.

For more information, please visit http://www.baumer.com.