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Baumer presents its new PosCon 3D light section sensors

Intelligent edge position measurement on black rubber with PosCon 3D
Photo by Baumer Group International Sales

Measuring edge positions, object or column widths are important tasks in the part inspection process. With its innovative PosCon 3D light section sensors, Baumer is offering a simple and cost-effective alternative to complex laser measuring systems. The sensors are smart, preconfigured profile sensors which, based on the light section principle, make complex measurements easy. The objects are measured independently of their color, surfaces, and out-of-round. The PosCon sensors can be mounted at an arbitrary inclination up to ±30° in relation to the standard installation and do not require a reflector. In this way, they can even be optimally installed in restricted spaces.

The PosCon 3D is used in many applications in everyday industrial use. One example is the efficient determination of sheet thicknesses during inline quality control for material infeed. The sensor performs a reliable, automated comparison with tolerance threshold values even at fast transport speeds. Sheet that does not meet the specifications is immediately identified and discarded. This avoids expensive rework or even the subsequent replacement of defective products. Direct double sheet control reduces production standstills and prevents damages to the tool when the sheet is further processed.

Thanks to specific algorithms, the PosCon 3D also measures precisely on very dark surfaces made of highly absorbent materials such as rubber. This makes it the optimal tool for the tire industry. Tolerance checks for black rubber belts with steel mesh are one area of application. Efficient measuring without any complex programming enables swift further processing as a result of immediate evaluations of the measuring results.

For more information, please visit http://www.baumer.com.