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The new Baumer Sensor Suite empowers application developers with efficient evaluation and testing of IO-Link devices

The new Baumer Sensor Suite saves developers valuable time: IO-Link sensors can be evaluated, selected and parameterized more intuitively.
Photo by Baumer Group International Sales

Baumer presents the Baumer Sensor Suite (BSS), a new PC software for evaluation, selection and parameterization of IO-Link devices. With this software, application developers can implement IO-Link devices more efficiently – particularly thanks to intuitive visualization of sensor functions. The software is a center piece in application development by allowing for connection of all IO-Link devices to many IO-Link masters available on the market.

The IO-Link standard has been significantly driving automation at sensor level. Users can access a big variety of sensor functions and settings, new control models such as Dual Channel and new parameterization concepts. Many of these functions are new or have been simplified in terms of condition monitoring, teaching capabilities, format alignments, special filters or secondary data. All these opportunities result in improved plant efficiency and increased flexibility, yet they also raise complexity in the selection and parameterization of IO-Link sensors. To exploit these functionalities and high potential with minimum effort, Baumer has developed the Baumer Sensor Suite.

BBS allows engineers an efficient evaluation and testing of IO-Link devices. Plug and Work significantly speeds up development processes while intuitive visualization supports precise parameterization. Commissioning engineers benefit from simplified and fast parameterization of IO-Link devices. Using the Save & Restore function, the BSS will easily transfer the prior optimized parameters to the IO-Link devices. In maintenance of machines and IO-Link devices BSS will support error analysis. Fast to access diagnostic data and clear visualization also help external servicing technicians to quickly grasp the sensor and application situation, which may significantly reduce downtime.

The BSS is based on future-proof software architecture and utilizes elements of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Thanks to cloud access, the latest software version and functionalities are made available to users at all times. BBS in its basic version including Apps Catalog, Device Library and Device Cockpit is available for download at the Baumer website. The basic version is the starting point for further Baumer apps and digital services. Hence, BSS is the ideal tool to exploit the full IO-Link device potential, both now and in the future.

For more information, please visit http://www.baumer.com.