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Baumer’s new PosCon CM light section sensor offers simple but precise measurements

Precise positioning of a vacuum lifter above a pipe based on circle center measurement
Photo by Baumer Group International Sales

The latest member of the Baumer light section sensors family, PosCon CM allows non-contact, precise and above all, simple measurement of circle center, diameter, highest position and left and right positions of round objects up to an outside diameter of 130 mm. Compared to other measuring systems like high-speed optical micrometers, only one single sensor is necessary for stable results.

The sensor does not require additional external software or a reflector. A major advantage is the simple installation and parameterization of the PosCon CM. In comparison to complex 3D systems, the calibrated PosCon CM is ready for use in just a few minutes. Thanks to the clearly visible and safe laser class 1 laser line, the sensor can be quickly aligned. For the precise adjustment to the specific measuring task, only a few parameters need to be set. Thanks to the factory calibration, measuring values are displayed directly in mm. Whether users want to determine the precise position of pipes by means of center circle measurement or calculate yarn quantities by the measurement of the diameter, PosCon CM is the most efficient solution.

Baumer’s PosCon light section sensors close the gap between less process reliable manual measuring tools and high-performance but very complex 3D measuring systems at significantly lower cost. The sensors provide complex functions like the measurement of object dimensions with PosCon HM, edge positions with PosCon 3D and now circle center and diameter of round objects with PosCon CM, integrated in an easy to use, compact sensor. Due to their small size, light weight and flexible mounting within a lateral angle of + / –30°, they are also suitable for installation in narrow machine designs and on robots. Thanks to the intelligent evaluation, a uniform operating concept and a robust IP 67 metal housing, the PosCon light section sensors are the ideal solution for applications in the fields of assembling & handling, packaging, wood processing, glass and ceramic processing, special machine construction or measuring and testing technology.

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