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Baumer’s PosCon light section sensors allows precise measurements without complex and expensive software

PosCon light section sensors – the smart profile sensors with preconfigured measuring modes
Photo by Baumer Group International Sales

Progressive digitization and the trend towards individualized products also require solutions that are flexible and as automated as possible, even in the part inspection area. When it comes to checking whether certain production parameters lie within specified threshold values, Baumer with its PosCon light section sensors is offering an interesting alternative to conventional profile sensors or complex 3D laser scanners. The PosCon sensors are smart, preconfigured profile sensors that are especially adapted to applications such as measuring object edges, widths, heights, or round objects. PosCon sensors provide precise measurement results for direct evaluations without complex data clouds or expensive external evaluation software.

PosCon sensors work without a reflector and can be put into operation quickly thanks to the visible laser line and optically aligned axis. After installation, predefined measuring functions mean that only a few parameters need to be configured to achieve precise measurement results. Another advantage of the sensors is that the measuring values are output directly in millimeters. The values can be further processed immediately in the control system. Thanks to their intelligent analysis, not only do the PosCon sensors enable the efficient measurement of preformed parts or the precise positioning of tools or robots, they also implement efficient check-and-sort functions based on threshold value comparisons.

Today, the areas of application primarily focus on the automotive area as well as the metal and plastic processing industries. Furthermore, the PosCon sensors with their check-and-sort applications can also be used in the packaging and pharmaceutical industries. Of course, they are suitable for all other industries as well. The reasonable procurement and maintenance costs mean that quality is possible and affordable in many areas of the part inspection process.

For more information, please visit http://www.baumer.com.