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BD|SENSORS introduces its new DMP 333P pressure transmitter

Photo by BD SENSORS GmbH

For all high-pressure applications that require a dead space-free or flush-fronted process connection, BD|SENSORS presents the new DMP 333P pressure transmitter, which is mainly intended for measurements in pasty or viscous media, but is also designed for technical gases such as hydrogen.

Processes with general conditions such as high application pressure or strongly fluctuating temperatures are always a particular challenge in industrial production.

In order to guarantee precise measurement data acquisition at pressures of 100 bar and above in this environment, BD|SENSORS has developed the DMP333P pressure transmitter. Because of its front-flush process connection, it is primarily intended for applications in which highly viscous media such as oils, adhesives, starch mixtures and so on are processed or treated or in application areas in which only a minimal amount of dead space may be present.

The DMP 333P can also record the pressures of a wide range of technical gases. Particularly with hydrogen measurements, it is advisable to configure the product with a gold-plated process connection in order to avoid brittleness of the material due to hydrogen and achieve high long-term stability. With high process temperatures, the pressure transmitter can be equipped with a cooling section in order to cope with temperatures of up to 200°.

For more information, please visit http://www.bdsensors.de.