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BD|SENSORS’s LMK 487 fill level probe receives Lloyds Register Type Approval

Photo by BD SENSORS GmbH

The BD|SENSORS LMK 487 fill level probe has now, in addition to the existing DNV-GL (Det Norske Veritas – Germanischer Lloyd), also obtained Lloyds Register Type Approval. This extends the market opportunities of this probe to include all ship and offshore projects subject to final LR acceptance. The probe certification has been registered under No. 18/20086.

The type approval thus obviates separate acceptance testing. The LMK 487 is an officially approved component, thus also speeding up final acceptance.

The hydrostatic LMK 487 level probe is deployed mainly in tanks. Also in applications requiring the measurement of fill levels in shipping and offshore for the control of content or proper ballast, thus draft and balance. The main advantage of the probe: its 22 mm outer diameter allows simple installation in 1” tubes. The ceramic separating membrane ensures reliable measurements and excellent long-term stability. The fill level probe has been designed for nominal pressures between 0 … 1 m H2O to 0 …100 m H2O with 0.25% FSO measurement accuracy. Two enclosure types are available – standard design stainless steel and optionally titanium for probes in contact with seawater.

In addition to all the advantages of individual and accurate measurement of fill levels, the probe also boasts the well known high BD|SENSORS material and product quality. The different options and variations will offer marine and offshore customers a reliable product designed to satisfy the requirements of the market.

For more information, please visit http://www.bdsensors.de.