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BD|SENSORS’s new pressure transmitter DMK 387 offers reliable pressure measurements in small vessels

Photo by BD SENSORS GmbH

Robust, precise and with versatile uses: The new pressure transmitter DMK 387 makes it possible to measure pressures and fill levels reliably even in small vessels and a range of different media.

Thierstein – Whether in water and waste water engineering or in numerous processes in the chemical industry – it is occasionally necessary to record small system pressures and low fill levels. This arises for example in different water treatment and electroplating processes. The new pressure transmitter DMK 387 from BD|SENSORS is now available to allow these necessary measurements to be carried out reliably: With this product the technology company from Upper Franconia is expanding its product range to include a robust version which can be used in extremely versatile ways and is designed among other things for performing measurements in sophisticated processes.

At the heart of the DMK 387 is a capacitive sensor made from high-purity aluminium oxide Al2O2 (99.9%) which the company developed itself and, thanks to its excellent material properties, is extremely resistant to any adhesion, dirt or cleaning processes. For use in aggressive media, the DMK 387 is available in a version with a chemically resistant pressure port made from PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) and PP (polypropylene) as well as compatible seals.

In the Ex version which is also available, the DMK 387 can be used in potentially explosive areas – for example in water treatment in sewage plants. It thus meets the requirements of EN 60079-11 and is suitable for use up to Zone 0.

The pressure transmitter was designed so that it can be used to measure small pressures in the range of 100 mbar just as reliably as system pressures up to 60 bar. In addition, the DMK 387 is noted for its high overload capacity and excellent thermal behaviour and is available with a large number of mechanical and electronic connections. A front-flush version with a connection size of G ¾” should be emphasised here.

For more information, please visit http://www.bdsensors.de.