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BD|SENSORS shows Smart Pressure Sensors for Industrial Automation at SPS/IPC/Drives

Industry 4.0 -Internet of Things – Digitization: The world is becoming “smarter” and with it the technology that shapes industrial environments. Intelligent sensors, which serve as the basis for digitally controlled applications, are indispensable. BD|SENSORS, as a manufacturer of electronic pressure measurement technology, has tailor-made pressure sensors, immersion transmitters and data acquisition systems in its product range for these requirements, which will be on show at SPS/IPC/Drives exhibition in Nuremberg at the end of November. (Hall 4A, Stand 546)

In an environment of increasing automation and digital networking within industrial processes, sensor technology is playing a more and more decisive role. This is because processes can only be controlled and reliably executed with functioning signal and measurement data acquisition. As a manufacturer of pressure and level measurement technology, BD|SENSORS offers a wide range of solutions in this context, unique in the use of different sensor technology, materials and numerous interfaces. Due to their modularity, the products are suitable for a wide range of tasks in the industrial production process, no matter if producing sheet metal or foodstuffs, and form the basis for the concept “Industry 4.0”.


Data Communication via the RS485
Data communication via an RS485 interface is established technology in industrial automation. This interface technology, which has been around since the late 1970s, allows the networking of sensors, is not susceptible to interference and is ideal for long distances. This is where the diversity and strength of BD|SENSORS comes into play, regardless of whether level, system pressure or differential pressure has to be measured.

A real highlight is the DPT 100, a differential pressure transmitter in a compact design with a short response time of 10 ms and high precision at the same time. Such features are especially appreciated by plant manufacturers, who can use the DPT 100 in leakage or flow-through applications.

The DCT 531 pressure transmitter is a versatile example of digital process acquisition with excellent long-term stability. Due to its modular design and robust stainless steel housing, it is extremely versatile. It reliably converts pressure from 100 mbar to 400 bar with precision up to 0.1% FSO and is characterized by its excellent temperature response.

Standardized Communication Worldwide – Data Exchange via the IO-Link
Process data, as well as diagnostic and status reports are important elements in process monitoring and control. For years, systems with complex cabling and expensive components were required here, but all that changed with the introduction of IO-Link technology. The simple integration of IO-Link technology with sensor and actuator technology has resulted in wide acceptance by users in the field of pneumatic and vacuum applications, among others. Focusing precisely on this target group, the iS4 pressure switch, a very compact device with an IO-Link interface and a smart sensor profile, can measure pressure from 100 mbar to 10 bar. The IO-Link interface ensures reliable transmission of the values and status measured, as well as configuration of the switching output. Thanks to their self-tuning capability, IO-Link devices can be changed quickly and easily during servicing.

The DS 300 pressure switch is predestined for applications in which more comfort and local/on-site indication are required. It is designed for use in machine tools or pneumatic systems. Configuration can also be carried out here by means of a higher-level control system or the VDMA compliant menu system via two-key operation. Thanks to the infinitely variable adjustability of the display, it can be aligned in such a way that the display is always optimally readable in all installation positions. In addition, the display head has an LED function ring, which can be used to display switching states or alarms and can be clearly recognized over bigger distances.

Measurement Data Acquisition – Display and Evaluation via a Multi-Channel Display
In addition to sensor technology, BD|SENSORS also offers instruments that record, evaluate and process measurement data. We are talking about the multi-channel displays in our PAC series, which consist of a TFT display, are very compactly constructed and capable of processing up to 72 external signals (current, voltage, pulse, etc.). A functional highlight is the possibility to record and save data in an integrated data logger. Up to 90 internal channels are available for data management, which can be individually configured and logically linked with each other. The multi-channel devices are operated conveniently by means of a clearly arranged, graphics-enabled TFT touch screen monitor. The user can individually configure a fitting solution with maximum flexibility due to the wide range of functions offered by the devices.

A Solution Partner to meet Individual Needs
Smart sensor technology makes an essential contribution to process safety. In this environment, BD|SENSORS has the right and relevant application solutions at its fingertips. The company sees itself above all as a solution provider acting in close cooperation with customers, whose strength comes into play in application specific tasks, which can’t be solved immediately with standard products. Across the board, Stand 546 in Hall A4 is a good starting point for all those who need solutions for industrial pressure and level measurement.

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