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Comprehensive car safety tests with pco.dimax CS camera

There is a vast range of applications for testing the car safety. Wether it is crash & sledge testing, hyper velocity impact studies or airbag behavior analysis the pco.dimax CS high speed camera is specially designed for all applications centered around car safety testing, even sparks in electronical switches can be visualized.

car safety testing camera

pco.dimax CS with shadow and lens – special camera for car safety testing
Photo by PCO AG

Because of it’s compact and rugged design the pco.dimax CS can be deployed offboard, onboard and for sledge testing. In Full HD resolution the pco.dimax CS captures more than 2000 fps which can be increased to 3000 fps reducing the resolution to 1.3 MP.

A unique capability of all pco.dimax systems is the built-in automatic image calibration which requires no user intervention. The small, lightweigh and ruggedized form factor allows for mounting in a multitude of positions. A quick-change lens adapter for popular mounts such as C, F and EF provides the highest test site flexibility.

For on-site ease of viewing, an HD-SDI video output and automated lens control are included. With secure synchronization in multi-camera environments, the pco.dimax CS will provide crisp, brilliant color images in any challenging car safety testing situation.


PCO AG will showcase the pco.dimax CS at automotive testing expo 2015 booth No. 11056

Key features of the pco.dimax CS

  • 1500 fps @ 2.8 MPix resolution
  • 2000 fps @ Full HD resolution
  • 3000 fps @ 1.3 MPix resolution
  • high-g ruggedized body (150 G for 11ms)
  • secure trigger & sync modes
  • excellent light sensitivity
  • quick-change lens adapter
  • automatic image calibration
  • HD-SDI output
  • integrated lens control

For more details on the pco.dimax CS please download the product data sheet here

The pco.dimax CS and other cameras can be seen at the Automotive Testing Expo North America, Novi, Michigan, USA taking place 10/20/2015 – 10/22/2015. You will find PCO at booth No. 11056.

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