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Customised valve unit speeds up plastic injection moulding production

Danfoss is always ready to help customers solve their challenges. That’s why a German manufacturer didn’t hesitate to ask Danfoss to design an interlocking brass body for its temperature control units. Used specifically in plastic injection moulding and die casting machines, the interlocking units help control the flow of hot, cold and collected water in the application’s cooling circuits. Small and easy to assemble. The German manufacturer’s interlocking unit has a brass body with two upper parts from the EV250B solenoid valve. But the design is extremely flexible. It can also be fitted with an EV225B for steam applications, an EV260B proportional valve or with two hand wheel valves without an electrical connection. Other parts include an EPDM gasket, 24V DC coils, an electronic flow meter and a check valve.


Photo Danfoss A/S

Easy to assemble, the interlocking unit is put together at the customer’s site. It’s simple to mount and, because it’s small, it takes up less space in the temperature control unit than a conventional solenoid valve.

 For plastic injection moulding manufacturers, temperature control units fitted with the interlocking unit can shorten the production cycle by up to 30 percent. And the good news doesn’t stop there. The plastic mouldings produced using this type of temperature control unit are more uniform than mouldings from machinery fitted with conventional temperature control systems, which cuts down waste and saves money.

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Customised exclusively for the German manufacturer, the interlocking brass units are supplied with the appropriate valves as required. And with an order of 2500 units already placed, the collaboration is proving a great success. For more information on how Danfoss can help you meet your technical challenges, please contact your nearest Danfoss dealer.