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Digmesa’s new CombiSensor measures temperature, conductance and flow rate

CombiSensor flow rate measurement sensor – combines three measurands: temperature, conductance and flow rate

Photo by Digimesa

n recent years, electrical conductivity as a measurand has rapidly developed to become a general quality indicator for water quality. In sectors such as water filters, heating filling or cooling circuits, threshold values are prescribed by law or at least recommended. In addition, the units are becoming ever smaller and electrical conductivity is often needed along with temperature and flow rate for process control. Temperature-compensated conductometry is frequently called for.
Digmesa’s response: the CombiSensor.

Digmesa’s CombiSensor reduces your price pressure!

The new CombiSensor offers you further rationalisation and simplification of recording and processing measurement values. The benefits for you: more compact units, reduced cable length, lower installation effort and a competitive edge.

To sum up in brief:

  • 3-in-One CombiSensor
  • Measures electrical conductivity, flow rate and temperature
  • Electrical conductivity from 0 to 20 mS/cm (temperature-compensated)
  • Flow rate from 0.04 to 30 l/min
  • Analog outputs or RS 485 – Modbus; various process connections

For further Information please visit: http://www.digmesa.com