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Eaton releases new FF-series Quick Disconnect Couplings designed for high pressure and high pulse pressure applications

Photo by Eaton Corporation

Power management company Eaton has introduced its redesigned FF-series Quick Disconnect Couplings to help mobile machine manufacturers meet market demand for high pressure and high pulse pressure solutions. Suitable for a wide variety of industries, applications include attachments for agriculture machinery, wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers in construction, trailers within commercial vehicle, maintenance equipment within rail, attachments on forestry equipment such as tree cutting, vibro hammers in on and off shore plus snow grooming equipment.

Eaton’s flat face, quick-disconnect couplings portfolio features an enhanced flow rate of up to 25 percent and a high performing pressure rate of up to 400 bars to maximize machine performance in the most demanding applications. The renewed FF quick-disconnect couplings help reduce pressure drops and decrease energy loss. This results in lower fuel and energy consumption. High flow rates, even on smaller sizes, offer more design flexibility as smaller size hoses can be used.

“Market needs are moving toward more compact solutions requiring higher working pressures,” said Ron Molijn, Manager product sales. “Designers are working on making equipment more compact as ISO 16028 standard working pressures of 250 bar is no longer sufficient. In mobile applications, the high pressure and the associated high pulse pressure are key for more robust, dynamic applications.”

Eaton’s new FF quick-disconnect couplings exceed ISO 16028 standards for working pressures by achieving 400 bar, for static, steady or non-pulsed applications instead of 250 bar from the standard. They boast a burst pressure of 1,400 bar and 350 bar for ISO pressure rating for dynamic applications with moderate hydraulic shocks, which again exceeds the 250 bar defined in the standard. The redesign includes ‘green’ Guardian Seal plating that offers up to three times more corrosion resistance. Tests revealed 720 hours minimum salt spray test corrosion resistance that help provide higher corrosion protection to reduce maintenance and downtime, and improve productivity and reliability in harsh environments.

Field performance is supported by easy to see colour coding for connecting the couplings without mistakes. Furthermore, the couplings offer connect under pressure (CUP) alternative design plug coupling that connects till 350 bar releasing with a patented relieve valve the residual pressure. These features help eliminate issues with connecting even at the top pressure level of 350 bars. Since depressurizing with tools is no longer needed, there is no damage to the coupling, which avoids machine downtime due to maintenance.

For more information, please visit http://www.eaton.eu.