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Epson introduces its new M-A342VD10 and the M-A542VR10 vibration sensors

M-A342VD10 vibration sensor

Seiko Epson Corporation has developed two new vibration sensors, the M-A342VD10 and the M-A542VR10, the latter of which has a dust- and water-protected RS422 interface. Both products are compliant with the evaluation criteria for motors in ISO 10816 and ISO 20816. Both also are three-axis vibration sensors with digital velocity and displacement output and are characterized by low noise, high stability, and low power consumption thanks to crystal vibration sensor elements produced using Epson’s unique microfabrication technology.

In today’s world, where unexpected heavy rains and floods have become a frequent occurrence due to global warming, the proper operation of floodgates and dams to control waterways is indispensable for community safety. By measuring the vibration of motors that open and close floodgates and dams in accordance with ISO standard requirements, Epson’s vibration sensors enable infrastructure operators to assess the condition of the equipment and perform maintenance as needed.

Epson wants its vibration sensors to play a part in protecting social infrastructure that is essential for securing community safety.

Features of the M-A342VD10 and M-A542VR10

  • ISO 10816 and ISO 20816 compliant: Support velocity and displacement output
  • Wide dynamic range: No need to adjust the measurement range to match the magnitude of vibration
  • Impervious to magnetic fields: Quartz crystal sensors can accurately measure motors that generate a strong magnetic field
  • Resistant to noise: Digital output is resistant to the effects of noise
  • Simple measurement environment: No charge amp, A/D converter or other peripheral equipment needed
  • High reliability: Mean time between failures (MTBF) of 87,600 hours guaranteed

For more information, please visit http://www.epson-electronics.de.