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First Sensor’s new LMI series sensors feature high immunity to both dust-laden and humid air

Photo by First Sensor AG

First Sensor presents a new version of its proven ultra-low differential pressure sensors with 3 V supply and linearized I²C bus output. The low profile, manifold-mountable LMI series sensors with measuring ranges from 25 Pa (0.1 inH2O) Full Scale are based on thermal micro-flow measurement within the silicon sensor chip. Due to their excellent sensitivity, accuracy, offset long term stability and long service life, LMI sensors are ideal for differential pressure gas flow measurement in bypass configuration. For battery powered applications the sensor features a low-power mode with minimal standby current.

The innovative micro-flow technology from First Sensor decreases the flow through the sensor by several orders of magnitude compared to other flow-based pressure sensors. Due to the extreme miniaturization of the flow channel the LMI series ensures superior immunity to both dust-laden and humid air. Additionally, there is no need to recalibrate or correct the sensor output signal when using long connecting tubes and input filters. Further, the semiconductor chip technology enables extremely low production tolerances and cost-effective mass production.

Key features of the LMI differential pressure sensors:

  • 3 V supply and a linearized I²C bus output
  • Micro-flow channel integrated within the silicon sensor chip
  • Superior immunity to both dust-laden and humid air
  • Low profile, manifold-mountable

Due to their very high immunity to both dust-laden and humid air, LMI manifold-mountable pressure sensors from First Sensor achieve superior sensor lifetimes and expanded service intervals in HVAC and medical device applications. Therefore, the sensors are ideal for ultra-low differential pressure measurements e.g. in VAV controls, filter monitoring, burner controls, respiratory devices, anesthetic devices, CPAP machines, spirometers and oxygen concentrators.

For more information, please visit http://www.first-sensor.com.