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FRAMOS delivered a series of live workshops on embedded vision and 3D technology at the Vision 2022

Photo by Framos GmbH

FRAMOS, a leading global imaging provider, presented its imaging and embedded vision portfolio at the Vision 2022 show in Stuttgart, Germany. FRAMOS also delivered a series of live workshops to informing imaging technology users on the latest advances in Embedded Vision and 3D technology, while providing practical solutions to industry-specific challenges.

FRAMOS focused on its specific capabilities and product offerings that help enable the development of imaging solutions for machine vision and embedded systems. The theme of their presentation was “The Journey: From Sensor to Solution”. The FRAMOS booth featured multiple video screens, and two large, touch-screen panels that allowed booth visitors to explore and interact with a range of FRAMOS’s product offerings and services.

Last year, FRAMOS also hosted a series of workshops featuring industry experts on a range of topics, including Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor technology, event-based vision systems, and the creation of Image Quality Profiles (ISP Tuning) to get the best possible image from customer’s combination of optics, image sensor, and application.

FRAMOS hosted the following workshops:

  • What’s new? – Sony Technology Overview and Roadmaps: David Kallenbach
  • Optical modules tailored to your demands: Dr. Frederik Schönebeck
  • Event-based vision systems: Technology Overview and FRAMOS solution: Giuseppe Contini
  • Building an iToF camera: Christopher Baldwin
  • ISP Tuning – an example with NVIDIA: Christopher Baldwin
  • Depth sensing made easy with FRAMOS D400e industrial stereo cameras: Giuseppe Contini

Multiple sessions of the workshops were delivered over the course of three days, in meeting room 10.4 adjacent to the exhibit hall.

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