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Efficiency that convinces – hamotic varicon compact synchronous drive

High efficiency and low life cycle costs  hamotic varicon

hamotic varicon compact synchronous drives

High efficiency and low life cycle costs

hamotic varicon compact synchronous drive is the industry’s first choice wherever energy efficiency, variable speeds and low life cycle costs are in demand. The hamotic varicon is small, reliable and easy to operate. It is impressive both technically and economically in terms of quality, individuality and sustainability.

The compact motors with single-phase supply, integrated electronic power module, controller and individually expandable functions can be implemented in a wide variety of applications such as in machine tools, textile machines, pumps, as well as metering and mixing systems. The motors offer a high power density of 0.55 to 2.2 kW and exceed the efficiency requirements as per IE3, which will start to apply to three-phase drives in 2017. The drives with frame sizes 71 and 80 are available with IEC end plates and shafts, whereas the overall length of geometries varies between 240 and 310 mm. The housing of the hamotic varicon is rugged and offers an IP54/55 protection rating.

The drive electronics is integrated in the end shield on the rear of the motor and is accurately configured for the implemented motor variation. The fast digital signal processor (DSP) and highly-developed algorithms ensure optimum control. The versatile interface links the electronic power controller with a customer-specific control unit having a membrane keypad. Comprehensive diagnostic functions are available in addition to the stepless speed control and display of the operating status. The combination with a serial interface, a CANopen or Profibus DP interface, ensures that the drives can be used even in complex systems. The control is realized with the aid of wireless signal processing technology.

The drives have an integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) and fulfill the harmonics standards EN 61000-3-2. EMC noise filters as per EN 61800-3 ensure a safe use in residential and industrial areas.

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