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High-speed camera system pco.dimax cs supports crash tests for terror prevention

The industrial image processing sector has changed a lot over the years. Due to the constant development of the imaging sensors and computing power, image processing systems have become significantly more efficient and can process up to several thousand frames per second in high resolution and capture every detail.

These innovations put high-speed camera specialist PCO AG from Kelheim in Germany into practical use. Its CMOS high-speed camera system pco.dimax cs delivers frame rates from 1102 fps @ 2016 x 2016 pixels up to 3086 fps @ 1296 x 1024 pixels. The pco.dimax cs is especially suited for the automotive testing sector and can be used to capture detailed images of crash tests or super-slow-motion shots and could even help in the area of terror defense.

During anti-terror tests at CTS (Crash Test Service) in the city of Münster in Germany the crash of a truck into a bus and different barriers was investigated. The crash tests were filmed with the high-speed cameras pco.dimax cs3 and pco.dimax cs4 to show the possible consequences.

The camera series of the pco.dimax cs was specially developed for harsh and demanding applications, including vehicle crash tests and microscopy. The pco.dimax cs series convinces in various sectors with its compact, light and robust attributes. The excellent light sensitivity and particularly good image quality classifies the slow-motion videos for precise analysis. Multiple lens mounts, HD-SDI video output and automatic image calibration allow a variety of applications.

The pco.dimax system cs3 / cs4
Photo by PCO AG

A proven high-speed camera system like the pco.dimax cs3/ cs4 is needed to record images with ample speed, resolution, dynamic range and quality. With very high frame rates at a resolution of up to 4 Megapixels it provides magnificent light sensitivity, leading image quality and excellent color rendering. Individually designed and combined with proprietary algorithms, the CMOS chip produces high quality images in dark or low light conditions with no discernible noises.

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