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Kappa optronics gave their web presence a great new look

Photo by Kappa optronics GmbH

The partner for qualified cameras and vision systems sports a new look… With new web presence from Kappa optronics, now customers can more comfortably form an image of Kappa optronics on mobile devices.

The design is fresh, but Kappa optronics have continued to use their proven site structure. Under Technology, they now presents their technology platforms and particular technological competencies (NO catalogue cameras, since their cameras are modified precisely to customer’s specific requirements). Under Application Solutions, they have bundled their specific competencies for the most important target industries, and under Company customers will find everything else they want to know about Kappa (key facts, contacts, jobs…). And, of course, Kappa have honed their profile. Information on Kappa’s competencies in the field of Design Assurance, for example —one of Kappa’s particular strengths that sets them apart from the competition — is easier to find now. In the area of standards, no one beats Kappa.

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