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Keeping it simple with Lenze Smart Motor

lenze smart motor

Creating clarity and simplicity in a complex world of motors: With the new Lenze Smart Motor, a single motor type can be used to handle many different tasks in the material flow.
Photo by Lenze SE

Maximum standardisation, greatest possible ease of use and a high degree of energy-efficiency. Rather than using a large number of different variations to facilitate economic operations, the new Lenze Smart Motor is flexible enough to cover speeds from 500 to 2,600 rpm while maintaining constant torque, thanks to more intelligence in the terminal box. Another highlight is the adjustment process itself – as it can take the form of a contactless procedure without addressing or it can be performed at zero voltage using NFC technology. Together with a smartphone app from Lenze, the new motors can be easily prepared for deployment using “near field communication”.

Lenze has calculated that the Lenze Smart Motor can reduce the total number of different motors required by around 70%. This in turn reduces the costs of engineering, documentation, procurement and stocking spare parts – to mention just four aspects in the value-added chain. Lenze has also succeeded in extending the Smart Motor’s functional range in comparison with conventional motor starters. Examples of its functions include speed switchovers and the ability to set individual start-stop ramps. In addition, the Lenze Smart Motor complies with future energy-efficiency standards while maintaining a small footprint.

For more information, please visit http://www.lenze.com