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KNF’s new NMS 030 pump delivers quiet and powerful performance in small sizes

Photo by KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Photo by KNF Neuberger, Inc.

KNF Neuberger announces the expansion of their micro diaphragm gas sampling pump line, with the launch of NMS 030, featuring two internally connected pump heads, deep ultimate vacuum to 24 in. Hg, a flow rate of 12 L/min, and adjustable control.

With the addition of NMS 030, the standard performance of the KNF micro air/gas family of pumps now spans a flow rate range of 0.30 – 12 L/min, vacuum down to 24 in. Hg, and pressure to 22 psig. Their ability to deliver powerful, quiet performance in a small size makes these pumps a frequent choice for many medical device/diagnostic, environmental, and industrial hygiene applications, including: aspiration, medical waste-handling, anesthesia monitoring, tissue sampling, blood pressure gauges, negative pressure wound therapy, cleaning, and as gas sampling pumps for workplace ambient air quality monitors, waste gas and flue gas analysis, confined space monitors, homeland security detectors, and more. Due to their size, weight and low energy consumption, KNF micro diaphragm pumps are especially suited for portable, self-contained devices.

Maintenance-free KNF micro gas pumps feature high gas tightness, high pneumatic capacity, low pulsation, and the ability to be installed in virtually any position. Additionally, a wide range of materials, motors and voltages come standard in KNF’s modular system, allowing users to quickly select the best solution for each project and task. Standard motor options for the NMS 030 include standard DC, 2-wire brushless DC, and 4-wire brushless for infinitely variable flow control and the development of control loops. AC motors are available for some micro air pump models. Projects for individually-tailored pumps are encouraged for any quantity, including pumps that go beyond standard specifications. For example, on a project basis, KNF can provide a micro diaphragm pump with four heads and a flow rate of up to 24 L/min, mated with the ideal motor to balance desired controllability, lifetime, and cost.

For more information, please visit http://www.knfusa.com.