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KSB’s new AmaDrainer 3 type series features compact and robust design

Photo by KSB Aktiengesellschaft

In early May 2021 the KSB Group launches the youngest generation of its time-tested submersible grey water pumps on the market: the AmaDrainer 3 type series. The new development of these pumps, available in four sizes, is the manufacturer’s response to customer requests for a design that is more compact and easy to handle.

Its compact design, integrated float switch, and a diameter of no more than 155 mm make the type series suitable for narrow spaces such as light wells, for example. The maximum head is 11.3 metres.

The submersible motor pumps are very robust and provide a high operating reliability. All four sizes are designed for continuous duty at a fluid temperature of up to 70 °C and briefly even up to 90 °C.

A novelty is the integrated low water level intake: By removing the suction strainer the two smaller pump sizes can achieve residual water levels as low as 2 mm. The larger pump sizes are characterised by free passages of up to 35 mm, so they can also transport coarse matter contained in the waste water. For aggressive water and other fluids handled a special variant is available for all sizes.

All pump sets feature a high-quality plastic casing. They are low in weight and highly corrosion-resistant. A jacket-cooled motor permits operation even when the motor is not submerged. In addition, AmaDrainer 3 comes with integrated motor protection. Fitted with a 10-metre power cable as standard, the pump set allows for more flexible handling.

The new submersible grey water pumps are versatile in use. They can be used for draining shafts and cellar rooms as well as for extracting water from reservoirs and rivers, for emergency drainage and other applications such as draining outside basement stairwells and underground passages. The pump sets are supplied ready to be plugged in, enabling fast installation and commissioning.

For more information, please visit http://www.ksb.com/ksb-en.