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Lenze’s new g350 compact mechatronic drive package features genuine integrated mechatronic solution

Photo by Lenze SE

Now Lenze showcases the g350, its new compact mechatronic drive package in three sizes. The g350 is a real material flow pro – and compared to all-rounders, perfectly tailored for the job. One reason why the Motion Centric Automation experts confidently call it “technically the best solution for horizontal material handling systems”.

The g350 is a genuine integrated mechatronic solution consisting of gearbox, motor, electronics and software. Yet Lenze does not just combine the motor and gearbox, but runs the two elements together so that the gear ratio slips far into the motor housing. The situation is similar for the electronics and software, with which the fixed motor speed can be easily adapted via the user-friendly smartphone app per NFC connection.

So, with the same torque, speeds of 42 to 216 rpm can be freely selected at the gearbox output – thus considerably simplifying the design-in.The g350 is available in three sizes with torques of 25, 50 and 75 Nm. With just two levels, Basic und Advanced (including brake), no more than six versions cover a wide solution spectrum in horizontal material handling. The standardisation achieved thus minimises overall material handling outlay.

Looking at what’s inside, the new mechatronic drive package is more energy-efficient than all drives customarily deployed in horizontal material handling. In addition, integrated ramp functions and brake control options ensure that conveyed goods are transported smoothly and thus gently without jerks. In general terms, the g350 is a universal standard solution for worldwide implementation. Accessories allow the mechatronic drive unit to be fitted with an additional torque support and solid shaft, thus customising it to the respective machine requirements.

For more information, please visit http://www.lenze.com.