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LINAK’s new lifting column DL19 offers better design and improved ease of mounting

Photo by LINAK A/S

Bringing together the best features from the LINAK portfolio of lifting columns, the new DL19 offers smooth movement wrapped in a very elegant design, while made extremely easy to mount.

The new lifting column DL19 adds another chapter to the DESKLINE portfolio. This time, focus revolved around an electric motor housing column with an exquisite design, without compromising or excluding the many optional features available in modern desk columns. With the DL19 users get:

  • 70×70 mm elegantly designed 3-stage motor housing column
  • Easy assembly solution with LINAK Kick & Click™
  • Optional features like LINAK PIEZO™ – Anti-Collision™ technology

Get elegant design with adequate stroke length

The DL19 is a 3-stage lifting column with square profiles and a motor housing. With a stroke length of 650 mm and an installation dimension of 560 mm, users will be able to create various height adjustable office desks or workstations. The invisible gliding pads and minimal spacing between the profiles adds to the exquisite design.

Halve the assembly time with Kick & Click

Being a part of the LINAK motor housing column family, the DL19 aligns perfectly with the LINAK Kick & Click solution. With LINAK’s clever mounting solution, users can easily assemble your desk in an instance – just kick & click together the system.

Add LINAK PIEZO™ without compromising assembly time

Optionally, the LINAK PIEZO technology can be added to the DL19. With our Anti-Collision solution, the column will automatically sense obstructions to avoid damages. LINAK PIEZO is a hardware-based solution and demands no extra mounting.

For more information, please visit http://www.linak.com.