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EnviTec Service further extended its storage space to better serve its growing customer base

Photo by EnviTec Biogas AG

EnviTec Service is expanding: and not just its customer base but also in terms of its square metres of warehouse space. Alongside the established warehouses in Lohne and Friedland, existing storage space has now been expanded at the Calbe/Saale site in Germany. Complementing large and small parts units of approx. 160 m2 and 80 m2, respectively, a further 80 m2 of office space is also available.

This location will also be interesting for external customers, as a result of its extensive service parts management for series 3 and 4 CHP units manufactured by GE Jenbacher.

“By expanding our warehouse facilities at the Calbe site, we’re aiming to accelerate and improve the availability of replacement parts and consumables for plant operators in the region between Braunschweig, Berlin and Leipzig – and therefore reduce their downtime,” explains Martin Brinkmann, Managing Director at EnviTec Service GmbH & Co. KG.

The site is particularly attractive thanks to its location – only about a ten-minute drive from the Calbe exit on the A14 motorway. “Our warehouse stocks popular replacement parts for the biogas industry from a range of manufacturers, including GE Jenbacher (series 3/4), Vogelsang, Börger, Netzsch, Seepex, Niemann, Xylem, E&H and Vega, as well as a wide range of gate valves, fittings and electrical/electronic parts,” Brinkmann continues.

Apart from stockpiling important components, the service experts in Calbe also offer a workshop for the reconditioning and repair of small parts, such as pumps and agitators. “Once customers are registered in our system, order for replacement parts can simply be placed by telephone,” says Brinkmann. “And if we have the replacement part in stock, customers can simply call to pick up the part they want without even having to place an order,” he continues: “our standardised design makes it possible to keep large stocks of many popular parts.”

For more information, please visit http://www.envitec-biogas.com.