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Linde Hydraulics further increase its capacities with the new production plant in Weifang, China

Photo by Linde Hydraulics

In an official ceremony, Linde Hydraulics GmbH & Co. KG opened its newly-built production plant in Weifang, China.

The global project team took only two years for completion from concept to opening of this 36,000m2 facility which encompasses an administration building along with 25,000m2 production halls.

The new facility consolidates processes previously housed in several buildings and allows for the best possible material flow throughout production. Coordination at the beginning of the project allowed for optimal plant layout through “greenfield” development. For example, the measurement/testing laboratory is directly connected to both the receiving and the production departments to achieve and secure the high-quality standards.

“We are happy about the new capacities that have been realized in Weifang. Thanks to the very strong, international collaboration between Germany and China, we have been able to develop a function-specific and overall layout, which will increase our efficiency. “, said Dr. Joerg Ulrich, CEO of the company.

The Weifang plant has the capacity to produce 100,000 units per year. 80% of the production capacity will be dedicated to pumps and motors and 20% for valve technology.

“With the new plant in China, we will further strengthen our position in the Asian market and continue our global growth course,” said Dr. Joerg Ulrich, on the plant opening. “The units produced here will enable us to supply the Asian market faster and with a more customer-oriented focus than ever before. We can now offer more localized units with market-oriented prices.”

Along with the recently opened second location in North America, the new Weifang plant in China is another step by the German company to grow globally and to pursue the “local for local” market approach to providing faster availability and shorter reaction times around the globe.

The global Headquarters of the company will remain on the location in Aschaffenburg.

For more information, please visit http://www.linde-hydraulics.com.