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MatrixCam™ VDK offers power-efficient and smart Full-HD video streaming over Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Photo by Framos GmbH

Photo by Framos GmbH

On Semiconductor’s MatrixCam™ new video development kit (VDK) is a smart low power, 1080P Full-HD camera solution with up to 60fps that streams video over Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Available at global imaging expert and distributor FRAMOS, it has been developed specifically to encourage greater video adoption for Internet of Thing (IoT) products. Among its key applications are home automation systems, building access devices, baby monitors, advanced lighting controls and smart appliances.

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, Line Manager On Semiconductor at FRAMOS, explains: “Top quality sensors like the AR023Z CMOS Global Shutter with 2,1MP provide an outstanding low light performance and dynamic range capture for higher sensitivity ensuring evaluable recording of high quality.”

The MatrixCam™ VDK offers smart streaming capability, with wake-up initiated by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or through the motion-detecting integrated passive infrared (PIR) sensor. It detect people up to 15 feet with a detection angle of at least 140 degree. Upon wake-up, it sends a push notification to an assigned mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) alerting the user that a live stream or a still image is available for viewing. It supports micro SD card slot, and can connect to cloud services with support for video-on-demand, live streaming, cloud recording and snapshot taking. Omni-directional microphones with 16 kHz and 32/64kbps AAC-LC audio encoding enable sound applications. Power comes over a standard Micro USB interface with a single cell lithium ion battery charger.

Enabling faster time-to-market for IoT developers the MatrixCam has its Open Source firmware code available on GitHub and a built-In API for easy configuration of FPS and video options as well as an embedded web and streaming server. The VDK can be configured via a simple web-based GUI, or using a dedicated mobile application. The ease of use ensures Matrix Cam based applications are quick and easy to productize.

For more information, please visit http://www.framos.com.