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Moog provided space hardware NASA’s NICER mission

Artist concept of payload attached to International Space Station
Photo Courtesy of NASA

Moog Inc. Space and Defense Group becomes a part of the successful deployment of NASA’s NICER (Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer) mission on-board the International Space Station (ISS). The NICER mission will provide high-precision measurements of neutron stars – objects containing ultra-dense matter at the threshold of collapse into black holes. NICER will also test for the first time in space technology that relies on pulsars as navigation beacons. The technique may eventually guide human exploration to the distant reaches of the solar system and beyond.

“Moog is excited to be part of the NICER program and the advanced science it will perform on-board the ISS. Many Moog sites provided space hardware for the NICER mission.” States Pat Stroh, manager of business development for Moog Space Sector. “Moog Mountain View provided Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD), Moog Tempe provided the Main Electronics Box (MEB) with GPS and Gimbal Controller Electronics (GCE), and Moog Chatsworth provided the Deployment and Pointing System (DAPS) for the science payload.”

The TMDs are located on the corners of the payload. The TMDs are used to damp resonances and allow for the ultra-stable pointing required for the mission science. The MEB hosts the computer and software allowing NASA to command and control precision pointing and receive science data. The GCE is used to command the Deployment and Pointing System (DAPS). The DAPS is an articulating mechanism consisting of a deployment and latching mechanism, a pointing mechanism and an interconnecting boom structure.

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