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MotoCzysz introduces the D9, a powerhouse integrated electric drive

The 2012 E1pc - winner of

The 2012 E1pc – winner of the 2013 Isle of Man TT Zero race
Photo by MotoCzysz

Last year was a banner year for the young upstart, MotoCzysz, which was awarded three substantial contracts, completed two new drive systems and built their fastest e1pc (electric grand prix racer) to date.The E1pc powered by the MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve recently took first and third and most importantly broke the highly coveted 100mph lap at the Isle of Man. Read more about the electric motorcycle below.

“We are on an ideal trajectory for long term success, balancing growth with revenue” stated Founder and CEO, Michael Czysz, adding “I am confident that our earned revenues for last year far outpaced our competitors.” It is this measured growth that MotoCzysz is banking on to keep it strong and healthy while the EV sector takes time to mature. “In the end, revenue and sales matter. Through key partnerships and customers we are able to fund our innovation, products and growth,” said Czysz.


The D9 – an integrated electric drive with 5,139 Nm / 3,790 ft-lbs drive torque
Photo by MotoCzysz

One of those defining products is the D9, a powerhouse (5,139 Nm / 3,790 ft-lbs drive torque) integrated electric drive, designed for medium to heavy duty fleet vehicles. The D9 has already gone through extensive testing and the completion of the first order was delivered last month.

MotoCzysz has a pipeline of customers and projects and expects to innovate and continue to grow through the success of these products. “We are just now starting to address products that are the real game changers, embedded with deep technology and innovation. Next year will be very exciting,” concluded Michael Czysz.

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