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New Optronis slow-motion camera with novel data transfer


The new Optronis CR-S3500 Sprinter slow-motion camera features an integrated SSD data back-up capability. This speeds up data transfer of recorded sequences for analysis on a PC by 6 times compared to the use of a GigE interface for the transfer.

The high-speed Sprinter camera is equipped with a large-format, highly light-sensitive 1280 x 860-pixel monochrome or color image sensor for recording extremely fast movements. Capable of recording 3500 images per second at full resolution and 12000 images per second at a resolution of 1280 x 240 pixels, the camera functions perfectly in a host of high-speed applications.

Image sequences are recorded using an internal 16 GB ring memory equipped with a data trigger. With data being generated at almost 4 GB/s at full resolution, recording periods of 4 seconds can be stored. A new approach to data management using a 256 GB SSD backup enables this image data to be transferred to a PC for slow motion analysis at much faster rates than using the built-in GigE interface. This SSD concept offers camera-internal data transfer via a SATA interface at 300 MB per second. That is six times the data speed in comparison to conventional storage concepts.

With a sturdy, lightweight anodized aluminum housing featuring multiple mounting points for a tripod, the versatile camera can be used in the laboratory, at external sites or for crash tests. Applications range from highly demanding measurement tasks in fault analysis and quality assurance for fast-moving objects through to simple ballistics.

The Sprinter camera is comes with an external trigger and synchronization interface. This provides the connection for various trigger sources (e.g. mechanical switch) and synchronization to motion-dependent image refresh rates. TimeViewer software for Windows 7, 8 and 10 is included for capture, video playback, export, and analysis.

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