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New Software Generation KlinkVISION® by Klinkhammer

Photo by Klinkhammer Group

With KlinkVISION® the Klinkhammer Group presents a new generation of system visualization. The innovative Maintenance Tool, the intuitive structure with quick views and the user-friendly design supports the operating and service staff and allows a fast alarm diagnosis in the warehouse. This minimizes downtimes and maximizes the system availability. A mobile version for touch panels is available as well. Shortly, there will be a version available for smartphones.

Klinkhammer Maintenance Tool with operating life oriented maintenance indicator
The new maintenance tool records and logs not only operating data, but also indicates – depending on the operating performance of the devices – upcoming maintenance activities that can be performed by the user to guarantee the system availability at any time. This way, operational performance oriented suggestions are displayed to check the conductor lines and carbon brushes of a warehouse vehicle. Additionally, KlinkVISION® evaluates the operating hours of storage and retrieval cranes, lifters or transfer cars on a daily basis or based on operating hours and visualizes them by a colour-coded time bar.

Fast alarm diagnosis minimizes downtimes
A failure or downtimes of the warehouse logistics may result in disastrous consequences – not only in the automotive supplier industry. Suppliers are more and more committed to supply components to the assembly lines just-in-time, sometimes down to the minute. In case parts of a logistics system fail to perform for a longer period of time, this may have far-reaching consequences in the complete supply chain. Thanks to an intelligent and fast diagnosis, KlinkVISION helps to minimize downtimes and to increase system availability.

Unsurpassed user convenience on all levels
As to user convenience, KlinkVISION® sets another milestone as well. The extendable and retractable toolbars and the navigation both together ensure that the operator always has an optimum overview of his system. The new, intuitive design and standardized views allow a fast error diagnosis and correction of errors. The notification function offers quick information via SMS or email. The mobile touch panel variant makes it possible to always have a quick look at the current system status and thus allows an active intervention.

Detail views of conveyor sections, storage locations and warehouse vehicles
Detail views help to monitor conveyor sections, storage locations and warehouse vehicles down to the sensor and drive level. The Klinkhammer visualization system KlinkVISION® portrays the system in dynamized overview screens. The user may view the current condition and location of the goods to be conveyed at any time. Thanks to a swivel-type camera technology live monitoring of the conveyor section is possible as well.
Following the product launch of the KlinkWARE® warehouse management software, Klinkhammer also puts his existing system visualization to the test and optimizes with KlinkVISION® the functionality and usability to guarantee optimum transparency in the warehouse.

For more information visit: www.klinkhammer.com