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NG 6 intermediate plates with pressure control valves and bypass valves

HAWE Hydraulik has developed additional versions of its intermediate plate, type NZP, with the hole pattern NG 6, thereby pursuing its strategy of offering components with tried and tested HAWE technology and hole patterns that conform with industry standards.

pressure control valve

Photo by HAWE Hydraulik SE

Newly added are versions for pressure control valves of the types CDK and CLK. Both these types are built as directional seated valves, which means that they are leakproof when closed. The CLK pressure control valve has an additional safety valve function so it can be integrated into clamping circuits that are pressurized for an extended period of time and subjected to the unwanted pressure increases due to temperature oscillations. The valve is equally well suited for systems in which processing forces or other external factors can trigger inadmissible high pressure peaks. The combination of the NZP intermediate plate with pressure control valves was devised to withstand operating pressures of up to 500 bar and a volume flow of up to 22 l/min.

Further new versions are realized by combining the intermediate plate with directional seated bypass valves. These arrangements connect the hydro consumer and/or the return at volume flows of up to 20 l/min and operating pressure of up to 400 bar, depending on the dimension of the solenoid. Other versions with energy-saving 8-Watt solenoids are also available. The combination of intermediate plates and drain valves can be used to relieve consumers that are shut with zero-leakage directional seated valves. Intermediate plates enable the flexible and straightforward assembly of hydraulic controls. Already existing intermediate plate versions can be combined with throttle valves and restrictor check valves as well as proportional pressure control valves.