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Ocean Optics Marks a Milestone in Customer Partnership

Photo by Ocean Optics

It all started with two guys in a boat.

Some entrepreneurial-minded scientists from Florida started Ocean Optics in the late ’80s, seeded by a U.S. government grant for an oceanographic pH sensor.

As part of their work, the scientists needed a spectrometer to deploy at sea – and were surprised to explore that none existed small enough, flexible enough, or affordable enough to meet their needs. So, as all resourceful inventors, they made their own.

By April 1992, Ocean Optics had sold “the world’s first miniature fiber optic spectrometer,” to a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Since then, our technologies have evolved and our product offering has expanded, while customers continue to surprise and amaze us with applications made possible with optical sensing.

Imagining What Comes Next

Thanks to the skill and creativity of our customers, the modular spectroscopy Ocean Optics introduced 25 years ago has evolved beyond laboratory analysis and taken optical sensing to places we never could have imagined. We look forward to helping customers continue to realize amazing solutions using optical sensing technologies.

For more information visit: https://oceanoptics.com