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OHRA pallet and cantilever racks utilised in modernising Zitzmann’s warehouse

Photo by OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH

Photo by OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH

When modernising and extending its building material warehouse, Zitzmann Baustoffe-Betonwerke GmbH used OHRA cantilever and pallet racks to store building materials more safely and more efficiently. In this respect, it wasn’t just the rack system that proved to be very flexible: due to the fact that installation was carried out during ongoing operation, planning and implementation of the facility required a high level of flexibility.

Zitzmann are one of the major players on the building materials market in the Eastern Bavaria region of Germany. At the company headquarters in Cham, the company stores building materials and construction elements, ranging from bagged goods to patio slabs right up to extra-long garage doors. The warehouse isn’t just a delivery and pick-up store for the retail outlet, it is also the central stores for two of the company’s other sites. However, the warehouse could no longer cope with the current demands that were placed on it: As a result, some of the products had to be stored in the open. The items in individual product ranges were stored in several areas, which meant that fork lift trucks had to travel a long way and customers had to wait a long time for their products. Apart from this, the storage methods that were no longer up to date resulted in items being damaged and getting dirty. To be able to offer their customers the highest levels of service in the future, Zitzmann decided to extend and modernise their warehouse facility. The idea was to create more storage space for an even wider range of products, to provide a covered open-air space and to store the building materials more safely and more efficiently.

To do this, Zitzmann decided to use OHRA pallet and cantilever racks. The company, headquartered in Kerpen, Germany, is the leading European manufacturer of cantilever racks and has specialised in rack systems for the building materials and timber trades. On the one hand, OHRA provided convincing arguments with its planning and on the other with the quality of the racks: The solid design makes possible high storage heights and high load-bearing capacities. At Zitzmann, the average construction height of the racks is 7,000 millimetres. The racks that were installed outside were fitted with a roof being mounted directly onto the rack frames to provide a favourably priced alternative to a conventional warehouse structure. In addition, some of the cantilever racks are fitted with metal gratings. As a result, the continuous storage area that has no disruptive supports makes it possible to store pallets and packages of any width easily and in any order.

For more information, please visit http://www.ohra.de.