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DEHN demonstrated its solutions for Industrial Internet of Things

Photo by DEHN SÖHNE GmbH Co.KG.

Photo by DEHN SÖHNE GmbH Co.KG.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – Networking, integration and automation beyond the limits of a process requires permanent availability of energy and a continuous flow of information. Measurement and control as well as efficient information transfer are the core of the IIoT. Therefore, controllers and actuators have their own intelligence. They learn their task and can be coordinated down to the last detail, thus offering flexibility, speed and precision. This must also be ensured in case of lightning strikes or surges. Failure of production plants as a result of lightning effects and surges can bring companies to the brink of ruin. How can this networked world be protected? At last year‘s SPS IPC Drives DEHN addressed this question. True to the company’s motto “DEHN protects“, DEHN efficiently presented how to protect power supply and information technology systems based on practical applications.

DEHN demonstrated how to protect the Industrial Internet of Things in a customer-focused and solution-oriented way. Last year’s trade fair highlight were live demonstrations. The visitors of SPS IPC Drives learned how to reliably protect their systems against surges with the help of new and proven protection products and solutions. With its Red/Line® surge protective devices, DEHN offers the ideal products for all installations and systems. The coordinated type 1 DEHNbloc® Maxi 1 CI 440 FM and DEHNbloc® Maxi 1 CI 760 FM surge protective devices, for example, are specifically designed for higher system voltages, thus ensuring efficient protection against direct and indirect lightning currents for a variety of industrial applications. Compared to a conventional solution with external backup fuse, these devices require up to 60% less space. Moreover, the user no longer has to care about dimensioning of the arrester backup fuse since it is already integrated in the device. This ensures ideal coordination between the backup fuse and the surge protective device (SPD). The new DEHNbloc® Maxi 1 CI 440 FM and DEHNbloc® Maxi CI 760 FM lightning current arresters optimally supplement DEHN’s successful surge protective devices with integrated fuse.

The Industrial Internet of Things also includes the infrastructure and therefore industrial and office buildings with complex operation panels, display equipment as well as measuring and control devices are for example often equipped with an installation bus system such as the KNX system. The KNX standard ensures interoperability between different devices in all industries independent of the manufacturer. Lighting systems can be switched on or off as needed depending on the light level and different lighting scenarios can be programmed. These are only some of the many applications where KNX systems can be used and where safe operation of power supply systems, information technology systems and terminal devices is vital. BUSTECTOR from DEHN is a proven surge protective device for terminal devices which can be directly integrated in KNX systems since it is designed like a KNX bus terminal. This product, which is system-tested with KNX approval and takes up minimal space, is the ideal surge protective device for this field of application.

Voice alarm systems are essential for safety in the age of the Internet of Things. But how are they protected from surges? DEHNvario is a new product platform of compact combined arresters. The DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM type is suitable for protecting voice alarm systems. It protects one two-wire line and is available with direct or indirect shield earthing. The direct plug-in technology ensures quick and easy installation of the arrester without tools. Integrated terminal units which can be released and then removed from the enclosure allow easy replacement of the arrester. The high performance of the arresters ensures safe operation of sound, evacuation and video monitoring systems even in case of lightning strikes.

For more information, please visit https://www.dehn.de.