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Optronis introduces its new CamPerform 90 camera series

Photo by Optronis GmbH

Powerful inline measuring solutions are the answer to ever tougher requirements in automated production systems. Camera manufacturer Optronis now offers a new camera series that delivers extremely detailed image data in continuous operation alongside a high resolution and frame rate.

“With extremely detailed image information allied to a simultaneously high frame rate and rapid data transfer, the CamPerform 90 makes the information from measurement available for qualification with almost no delay at all”, says Dr. Bernd Reinke, Product Manager at Optronis. The CP 90 is offered with image sensors from 3 to 25 megapixels. The serial transfer system of the 4 DIN 1.0/2.3-compliant CoaxPress interfaces allows a gross clock rate of up to 6.25 gigabits a second to be achieved. With the CamPerform 90, both two and three-dimensional image recording is just as easy to realise as height measurements from laser triangulation. From wood processing through railway measuring technology to road inspection, the fields in which the CP 90 can be deployed are as different as the applications of high-end automation and 2D/3D AOI.

The CP 90 will prove its worth in continuous operation particularly; powerful image sensors are known for the heat generated while recording, but the optimised PowerDesign of the CamPerform 90 dissipates the heat under control and ensures stable, highly accurate measurements.

It’s not only the PowerDesign that was optimised to meet practical requirements, however: so too was the housing. The CoaXPress connectors are now connected at the rear of the camera rather than the side. A thread ensures that the DIN 1.0 connectors are vibration proofed when connected to the measuring system. “As well as the simple and stable connection provided by the robust and dimensionally compact housing, the GenICam™ standard also enables easier integration”, says Dr. Reinke.

All Optronis CamPerform cameras are shockproof and vibration-proof in accordance with DIN EN 60721-3-2, meet CE and RoHS standards and are EMVA 1288 certified.

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