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MX-X order picker: On the road to success with intelligence and ergonomics

The MX-X from STILL is an order picker that will definitely stay on the road to success on the way to the warehouse of the future. And while getting there, the lift truck always knows where it is. The new generation of MX-X trucks has not only become more intelligent and offers full flexibility, it also excels in terms of comfort and safety, making a completely different impression on any driver.

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OPTISAFE gives the truck a sixth sense to find its way around the warehouse. It navigates along as many as 255 programmable routes with only one reader; and it will definitely find back to where it came from. The truck knows at any time where it is in the warehouse and all the obstacles that might come upon. An RFID system with transponders installed in the floor makes this possible. The transponders are easy to fit in the floor of the warehouse with a standard drilling machine. After the transponders are installed, the system is programmed with the truck itself. If the layout of the warehouse changes, e.g. by extensions of the aisles or modification of the functions inside the aisles, the transponders can be simply re-programmed and the new structure is saved in the controller of the truck. This means, once the system is installed, it remains flexible for later changes at any time. An effect that pays off: maximum flexibility provided by an open system allows to react quickly to any changes in corporate processes that lead to a change in the layout of the warehouse.
And besides all its scouting talent, speed counts for the MX-X as well. Details like the load sensor allow speeding up the auxiliary movements by up to 30 percent when the fork is not loaded. This leads to an increase of turnover by 5 percent. If the truck is additionally equipped with a load weight sensor, the truck will always travel at the maximum speed physically possible depending on the weight of the load and the lift height. This makes increases of up to 15 percent in turnover achievable.

Efficiency and sustainability
The global initiatives to reduce the emission of CO2 worldwide will make the CO2 balance of machines and services an essential criterion for customers purchasing such equipment. Therefore the CO2 balance becomes a competitive factor that is to be taken seriously. With its efficiency system STILL Blue-Q, an intelligent autopilot for economy and ecologic responsibility, the MX-X is able to save up to 10 percent of energy, depending on the equipment, driving style of the operator and the profile of the application. With the core message “Blue-Q = IQ” STILL puts the benefits of the system to the point: less wear, longer service life of the battery and fewer charging cycles during electric operation. Similar to a motorist anticipating upcoming situations in city traffic to save
fuel, the system reacts to various application profiles. The Blue-Q-System which is available not only for the MX-X but for a broad range of trucks, significantly reduces CO2 emissions caused by trucks with internal combustion engines or by generating the electric power.

The demographic change, i.e. the fact that we are becoming older and have to work longer will deeply affect our work. Especially aged workers depend on ergonomic workplaces – in particular on warehouse trucks. The cabin of the MX-X is not only brightly lit and offers much space – it also offers many comfort functions that make work efficient. Some of these features are the ergonomic upholstering of the railing and barriers, upholstering for the knees on the front wall, improved seat comfort and horizontal seat adjustment, a hinged seat with a back rest and an effective suspension. The truck also offers excellent ergonomics for order picking. A tilting side barrier allows the driver to reach far into the rack to pick goods and it relieves stress from the driver’s back.

A two-level fan keeps the driver cool also when work gets hard. Adjustable lamellas guide the flow of air noiselessly to the right direction. A well-tempered driver works on a well-cooled machine. The active temperature
controlled cooling system automatically operates the fans in the drive compartment. The benefit is not only for the environment but also for the driver: Wherever cooling is not needed in the sophisticated cooling circuit, the fans are switched off to keep noise levels low.

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Work safety is at the top of the list with customers. Work accidents may not be rare, but much prevention can be done with a little help.
A clear course of the MX-X requires clear vision: The innovative LED spot lights do not only illuminate the racks brightly. Good illumination where it is needed, also helps to reduce lighting levels where not needed – for the environment to benefit from. Having to look back is no reason for irritation – on the contrary: two reversing cameras mounted on the back of the cabin provide a 180° panoramic view when looking in drive direction.

With the MX-X customers cannot only guide their flow of materials appropriately, also the driver and the environment profit from this “intelligent pathfinder” – the future of intralogistics is there to arrive.