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pco.dicam C1 – Intensified 16 bit sCMOS camera with ultra speed tandem lens

After more than 30 years of experience with image intensified cameras, PCO just introduced the new pco.dicam C1.

The pco.dicam C1 Intensified 16 bit sCMOS camera 104 fps @ full Resolution & exposure times: down to 4 ns
Photo by PCO AG

Unmatched image quality through tandem lens coupling
The pco.dicam C1 is the first camera system with image intensifier technology that harnesses the full power of the sCMOS sensor. Unique is the optical connection of the high-resolution 25 mm image intensifier to the 16 bit sCMOS sensor via an efficient tandem lens. Individual photons are detected using the shortest exposure times.

104 fps @ full Resolution
One of the key benefits of using a sCMOS based camera module inside the pco.dicam C1 besides high sensitivity, dynamic and resolution—is the fast frame rate at full pixel resolution. A sustained frame rate of 104 fps at 4.2 MPix resolution and 16 bit dynamic has turned into reality for the first time with intensified cameras. It’s not only the fast sCMOS sensor, it’s also the ultra-fast CLHS interface (see below) which has opened the door to an unprecedented intensified image data rate of 870 MByte/s. Partial frame rates scale with their vertical resolution in the sense that reducing the vertical ROI to, for example, 1024 lines result in 208 fps regardless of the horizontal length of these lines

Camera Link HS guarantees uncompressed and secure data transfer. The latest standard of high-performance data interfaces enables the bridging of long distances via fiber optic cable.

Main Features of the pco.dicam C1

  • exposure times: 4 ns – 1 s
  • 25 mm intensifier
  • “ultra speed tandem lens” between image intensifier & sCMOS sensor
  • intensified sCMOS technology
  • 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • 104 fps @ full resolution
  • enhanced extinction ratio gating
  • Camera Link HS data interface
  • F-mount, C-mount or EF mount with Lens Control
  • photocathode material: S20, GaAs, GaAsP (others on request)
  • phosphor screen material: P43, P46

Got curious? Visit PCO at this year’s VISION show in Stuttgart, November 6 – 8. Stop by at booth 1 G32 and discuss with PCO’s experts how our decades of research and development in intensified and sCMOS camera technology benefit your application!

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