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Pewatron’s new PM500 power supplies specially designed for medical applications


Pewatron AG’s specialisms include switching power supplies and DC/DC converters with medical approval, low leakage current and maximum reliability. Pewatron works exclusively with suppliers who can guarantee the highest quality standards – for example, with Protek Power for the PM500 power supply.

Increasingly complex electric and electronic devices are being used to diagnose, treat and monitor patients. Particularly strict regulations apply to this field in order to reliably protect patients and service personnel against any possible hazards. Pewatron’s specialist knowledge, their suppliers’ expertise and the consistent adherence to all relevant standards guarantee safety and reliability.

The AC/DC switching power supply units in the PM500 series provide 450–500 watts of continuous output with 30 CFM forced air cooling or 350–400 watts with convection cooling. They are contained in an open U bracket housing measuring 4 x 7 1.7 in which is easy to install and reduces heat. The PM500 power supplies are also available with a cover including an integrated fan assembly. They are designed for medical applications which require BF insulation and can be used at operating heights of up to 5000 metres.

Some key data:

  • 100–240 VAC input with active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Less than 300 μA leakage current
  • EMC: EN55011/55022 class B
  • Inhibit – TTL high to switch off the output
  • Standby power consumption < 1 W
  • Components free from toxic or hazardous substances: RoHS-compliant

For more information, please visit http://www.pewatron.com.