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QE utilizes Sensirion SCD40 CO2 sensor for its Wuerfeli compact CO2 monitor

Photo by Sensirion AG

Picture a classroom filled with children, their eyes heavy, faces reflecting fatigue, and motivation at an all-time low. This scenario is an all-too-common occurrence – not just in classrooms, but in every indoor environment. It highlights the often-overlooked importance of indoor air quality. The team at QE recognizes that the air breathed has a profound impact on human lives and introduced an intuitive game-changer for everyone – the Wuerfeli. A compact, pyramid-shaped CO2 monitor that continuously monitors the air user breathe while adjusting its brightness to fade into any scenery.

Fresh air not only heightens concentration but also significantly reduces the risk of respiratory infections like influenza. Regular ventilation is the key to unlocking numerous benefits such as preventing mold, overall well-being, sharpening concentration and reaction capabilities significantly, while combating fatigue. But how to know when indoor air quality is poor, and need to take a ventilation break? This is where Wuerfeli comes into play.

As the name suggests, the core of Wuerfeli’s brilliance is the world’s smallest, highly accurate, cube-shaped CO2 sensor – the SCD40 by Sensirion. With it, the device transforms users into an air quality expert, guiding them through the invisible pathways of air, optimizing their living space’s air quality every day. To ensure the indoor air is as oxygen-rich and fresh as outdoors, the Wuerfeli uses four colors to visualize when to open and close your windows. Say goodbye to guesswork and welcome the simplicity of fresh air with a flick of a switch:

  • Blue: Close the windows, the air is as fresh as outside
  • Green: Good room air quality
  • Orange: Ventilation is recommended due to decreased cognitive performance
  • Red: Air exchange needed – 1 in 30 breaths consists of previously exhaled air

In addition, Wuerfeli’s unique pulsating mode in combination with the blue color helps users reduce ventilation time and minimize energy loss.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Sensirion for such a meaningful cause. The SCD40 and the SHT40 are a perfect fit for Wuerfeli. High accuracy, unmatched price, and smallest form factors have allowed us to create a compact and affordable CO2 monitor for everyone and everywhere”, says Laurin Schwitter, Co-founder of QE.

Wuerfeli also plays a central role in two major air quality studies conducted in 100 Swiss schools, where the Swiss-based company was able to prove a 63% reduction in COVID-19 infections in well-ventilated classrooms. Its high-precision measurements provide valuable insights into building design, insulation, ventilation behavior, and, most importantly, the demonstration of the “Wuerfeli Effect”: An apparent improvement in overall indoor air quality thanks to the intuitive color system that turns anyone into a ventilation pro in just a few days. An improvement users will clearly notice.

For more information, please visit http://www.sensirion.com.