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Servus Intralogistics offers sustainable and future-proof intralogistics system

Photo by Servus Intralogistics GmbH

From the demand for sustainable management and production, to technological developments and innovations, to rising cost pressures, modern intralogistics today faces many diverse challenges. A future-proof intralogistics system is the solution that seeks to address all these issues. For Servus Intralogistics with the following features:

This applies: Avoiding downtime at all costs

Fail-safe is the requirement of the day. Servus Intralogistics achieves this by means of two features: The first is in the system’s lean design. The core of the system’s functionality is the Autonomous Robotic Carrier – ARC. The ARC acts autonomously and executes its travel orders as requested via the system’s track and lift pathways. It decides the shortest route, charges itself independently and is not bound to any preordained route sections. If an ARC fails on the line, the other transport robots compensate for its failed performance. The structure of the system, i.e. the track, the racking, switches, etc., are passive units of the system. They represent the guideways for the ARC – but are not the brains of the system and therefore do not represent a potential weak point for complications.

Future: Growth

Of course, the ultimate goal is to move a company forward and create growth. But growth also requires a system that can match that growth. With the future-proof Servus Intralogistics system, the intralogistics solution can grow with the company’s increased requirements. Potential future system requirements and operations are reviewed at a Servus led Workshop with the first design of the Servus solution, strategies are considered that may only be claimed years later. These future expansions can then be connected to the existing solution as a modular extension. The scalable Servus Intralogistics can adapt to the needs of the organization piece by piece.

Instability – from resource scarcity, to skills shortages, to fluctuating demand

A successful intralogistics system must be able to meet these challenges. Servus Intralogistics pays particular attention to the flexibility of the system when designing a solution. Built in buffer storage, the possibility to increase the number of ARCs as required, and the modular design (in terms of hardware and software) enable the customer’s operation to remain in balance despite fluctuations.

The well-known interface topic

When different systems work and communicate with each other, miscommunications can occur from time to time. In order to prevent these problems à la Poka Yoke from lean logistics is Servus Intralogistics’s mission: To be THE sole for the interface-free automation of the entire warehouse and production logistics. A total solution from one source, with one contact person and a concept from a single mold, means that all components of the system are in harmony and adapted to a company’s needs. In short: a smart factory.

And what would Greta Thunberg say to all this?

Resource-conserving material handling, CO2-neutral processes and the avoidance of form of waste are among the essential approaches in sustainable intralogistics. While some see logistics as a CO2 guzzler, Servus takes the view that sustainable and efficient intralogistics make a significant contribution to the healthy development of its economy and the associated growth. Servus saves space, energy and efficiently stores raw materials. Thanks to efficient energy management, recyclable raw materials and durable components, Servus Intralogistics enables sustainability to be implemented holistically in intralogistics as well.

For more information, please visit http://www.servus.info.