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agriKomp GmbH: Biomethane Innovations and Expanded Portfolio

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The agriKomp GmbH addresses the additional requirements of the market in the biomethane sector, expanding its biomethane product portfolio to include CO2 recovery and liquefaction technology, along with a self-sustaining power and heat concept to tackle rising energy costs. The agriKomp CHP (Combined Heat and Power) portfolio has been expanded and significantly optimized in terms of performance. Further developments have been made in components as well: the long-proven solid feed system, Vielfraß®, has been enhanced in terms of performance and reliability. The newly developed bolted air-supported roofs, specifically Vielfraß®, are further enhanced with an innovative active gas storage management, minimizing emissions.

Biomethane Expansion and New Solutions Enrich the Portfolio

During the Energy Decentral 2022, agriKomp introduced the modular biomethane purification plant, agriPure® Cube, into the market. In addition to the existing 50 operational agriPure® plants, numerous agriPure® Cube units are now in operation.

To provide a solution for the increased energy costs for all operators, agriKomp has developed a self-sustaining power and heat concept, involving a biomethane plant with a CHP unit for internal power and heat supply. The heating module is replaced by a CHP unit and optionally a Power-to-Heat module (PTH). The CHP unit adjusts its electrical output based on the power demand of the biogas plant and biogas treatment. It also supplies heat to the biogas plant. When more heat is needed, the CHP unit provides power to the PTH module, which converts it into heat. The PTH module acts as a backup for heat supply and is only operated for a few days in winter. This concept was awarded the INNOV`SPACE Award at SPACE 2023 in Rennes in September. (link: https://uk.space.fr/prize-winners/agrikomp-france/905.aspx)

A useful byproduct of biomethane production is CO2, which can be separated and beneficially utilized in various industries such as food and beverage or horticulture. The recovery and liquefaction into BioCO2 provide an additional revenue stream for the operator.

In summary, the agriKomp biomethane portfolio offers numerous opportunities to configure biomethane projects particularly profitably and sets the stage for the future. The production of BioLNG and BioCNG is also possible, completing the portfolio.

Expansion and Improvement of CHP Portfolio

The agriKomp CHP portfolio has grown. In addition to the existing BGA095 ETA and BGA136 ETA, the third independently developed and manufactured CHP unit, BGA 168 ETA, joins the performance-optimized CHP fleet. The BGA 168 ETA has an efficiency of up to 41.4% with a power output of up to 350 kWel and is based on a SCANIA OC16 V8 engine improved by agriKomp. The entire agriKomp SCANIA fleet is also available as a biomethane/natural gas CHP unit (NGA series).

The proven agriKomp CHP 252 has been equipped with a Liebherr V12 with a 25-liter displacement, optimized single turbocharger, and improved cylinder heads. This increases the electrical efficiency to 42% at 530 kWel.


The long-proven solid feed system Vielfraß® has been elevated in terms of performance and reliability. The new model, Vielfraß® ECO, incorporates years of practical experience into the revised model. Unique in the market is the versatility of the Vielfraß® family: base units from 5 to 13 m³, high conveying technology (Vielfraß® ECO TOP), push-off containers of 20, 30, and 40 m³ allow for a variety of combination possibilities up to a feed volume of 90 m³.

In the field of gas storage, agriKomp has developed a bolted air-supported roof with many options, as demanded in the current TRAS 120. The high-quality system stands out for its durability, service-friendliness, and construction optimized for assembly.

Innovation: Active Gas Storage Management

Managing the gas storage levels of multiple gas storage units is crucial. Otherwise, gas may be flared/blown off too early, or consumers may be stopped prematurely. agriKomp has developed an innovative gas storage management that regulates the gas storage levels of multiple units so that they remain evenly full even with changing operating conditions (gas consumers turning on/off, gas production changes). This optimally utilizes gas storage capacities.

For more information, please visit: https://www.agrikomp.com/company/biogas-blog/